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Saint-Sulpice Fountain HDR

Saint Sulpice Fountain HDR

This is the fountain in front of Saint-Sulpice church which was made famous in the DaVinci Code.  I was very curious how this shot would turn out.

This may actually have been one of my first handheld HDR photos.  There really was no place to put my tripod to get this shot.  The tripod is about 6 inches tall so the ground didn’t work.  There are no metallic structures to hang it off of (it’s magnetic).  So I just handheld it.  I was also very curious how the water would look when the three shots merged.  I’m very happy with how it turned out.

Saint-Étienne-du-Mont Inside Pillars

I walked by this church so many times without going in.  When I did I was surprised.  I’d say it’s probably one of the prettiest churches in Paris.  I love these pillars.  Such a nice clean design.

By the way as an extra bonus.  The staircase on the left is where the scene from Midnight in Paris was shot where Gil gets picked up by the cars from the past.

Maubert Mutalite Fountain HDR – Paris

Maubert Fountain HDR

I walked by this fountain many times. Sometimes it’s really nicely lit.  Other times nothing special.  It was actually my first image dealing with people moving.  The guy on the left leaned forward between shots and the traffic light was shining right through him.  Paris is full of very nice things.